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SKU: PLS2607-D
Ragtime for marimba and strings is a composition by Antonio Eros Negri inspired by Dino Buzzati's The Creation.

Antonio Eros Negri

14,99  VAT included

Kites Trio

Kites Trio

SKU: PLS16117
The opera Kites Trio, by composer Paolo Coggiola, is written for clarinet, bassoon and piano.

Paolo Coggiola

15,99 25,99  VAT included

Two choral pieces

Due pezzi corali

SKU: PLS29716
Two choral pieces by Paolo Coggiola. Includes Ave Maria (2015) and Ave Regina (1997, rev. 2015).

Paolo Coggiola

4,21 11,19  VAT included


Anti ninna-nanna

SKU: PLS7009
Anti Lullaby is a very funny song by Mezzo Sotto for 5-part vocal group or mixed voice choir.

Various artists

2,20 14,69  VAT included

Until Dawn

Fino all’alba

SKU: PLS19713
Federico Biscione's work is available for string quartet or orchestra, both in hard copy and PDF format, including detached parts.

Federico Biscione

18,49 34,99  VAT included

SOS TATA 5 DVD box set

SOS TATA Cofanetto 5 DVD

SKU: PL 7510
EXCLUSIVE! The DVDs of the TV programme "Sos Tata", the fifth series. You can buy them ON-LINE only at! The five DVDs of the fifth series of SOS TATA in one fantastic box set Take advantage of it now. An original gift! You can also give the box set as a present to anyone you like, sending it at no extra cost with a gift pack and a personalised message

Various artists

19,90  VAT included

Three Short Pieces [score + detached part]

Tre pezzi brevi [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS22614
Tre pezzi brevi is a work by Alessandro Cusatelli for saxophone and piano.

Alessandro Cusatelli

12,74 24,49  VAT included

Menestréis Apaixonados [score + detached parts]

Menestréis Apaixonados [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS8917
Menestréis Apaixonados for guitar quartet is a work composed by Brazilian-born guitarist Marcos Vinicius.

Marcos Vinicius

16,49 29,99  VAT included

Three studies

Tre studi

SKU: PLS26520
The 'Tre Studi' (2018) by Pesaro-based composer Mario Totaro, written for Raffaele Damen, are dedicated to the accordion.

Mario Totaro

16,99 26,99  VAT included

Harpscapes (antologia)

Harpscapes (antologia)

SKU: PLS25314
L’antologia dei brani tratti dall'album Harpscapes dell’arpista Raoul Moretti.

Raoul Moretti

9,99 19,99  VAT included

The Ship of Dreams

La Nave dei Sogni

SKU: PL 12714
On the occasion of their 20-year career, ALTI & BASSI, a group that has made 'a cappella singing' a mission, release the sixth CD of their production, 'LA NAVE DEI SOGNI', 13 new tracks consecrated by RENZO ARBORE's flattering reviews.


15,00  VAT included

Easy Money Fast

Easy Money Fast

SKU: PL 13515
The Callac album, 9 original tracks edited by Vittorio Pozzato, former leader and keyboardist of Fake P from Legnago (VR).


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