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Sonata for Organ

Sonata per organo

SKU: PLS 13311
Danilo Lorenzini's Organ Sonata, available in both digital and paper format.

Danilo Lorenzini

13,99 23,99  VAT included

Like a Tightened Bow

Like a Tightened Bow

SKU: PLS12818
Like a Tightened Bow is a piece for solo harp by Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

6,99 14,99  VAT included

La Espera

La Espera

'La Espera' is the first album by the Kairos Tango quartet: original music and a tribute to Astor Piazzolla. Download the PRESS-KIT

Kairos Tango

14,90  VAT included


Summer Samba [score + detached part]

Summer Samba [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS18613
A very colourful, immediately enjoyable and acrobatically virtuosic piece for alto saxophone and piano.

Alessandro Lucchetti

11,74 22,49  VAT included

Bright Cyan Textures [score + detached part]

Bright Cyan Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS17717
The melancholic Bright cyan Textures for flute and harp by Vincenzo Palermo; the piece is part of the Textures series.

Vincenzo Palermo

12,24 23,49  VAT included

Three compositions for baby orchestra

Tre composizioni per baby orchestra

SKU: PLS16912
Three simple spring pieces for children's orchestra. Each section has its own score, depending on the instruments: strings, woodwinds, guitars, harps, percussion and choir Each class studies on its own, but by putting them together they make the orchestra!

Antonio Eros Negri

12,00 18,00  VAT included

Lots of Thence [score + detached parts]

Lots of Thence [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS31816
Lots of Thence is a work by composer Mario Totaro for jazz-rock ensemble, with lyrics by the author himself.

Mario Totaro

20,49 37,99  VAT included



SKU: PLS22413
Lodi Luka's piano album including 11 short pieces. Presentation by Danilo Lorenzini.

Lodi Luka

11,99 21,99  VAT included

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

SKU: PLS12011
A work by Antonio Eros Negri that takes the form of a counterpoint of counterpoints and is characterised by the copious presence within it of themes and musical fragments belonging to different Christmas traditions.

Antonio Eros Negri

11,99 21,99  VAT included

Easy Money Fast

Easy Money Fast

SKU: PL 13515
The Callac album, 9 original tracks edited by Vittorio Pozzato, former leader and keyboardist of Fake P from Legnago (VR).


Poisoned Mushrooms [score + detached part]

Funghi avvelenati [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS21613
Opera for Saxophone and Piano by Alberto Cara included in the CD "I dischi del MEM".

Alberto Cara

14,99 26,99  VAT included

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