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I can tell the world

I can tell the world

SKU: Sacs001
The first CD by the vocal group Spirituals A Cappella Sound from Treviso.

SACS (Spirituals a cappella sound)

12,20  VAT included

It's Christmas

E’ Natale

SKU: VCL 001-A
The first album by the Paduan band Vocalica is dedicated to Christmas with original harmonisations.


12,20  VAT included

Small Night Valse

Small Night Valse

SKU: PLS6609-D
This Piccolo Valse Notturno is based on a theme written by Marcos Vinicius some years ago originally for classical guitar, here developed for strings.

Marcos Vinicius

7,99  VAT included

Folk Medley [score + detached parts]

Folk Medley [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS31916
Folk medley is a suite composed by Mario Totaro on 4 folk songs, for Voice, Flute, Clarinet and Harp.

Mario Totaro

20,49 36,99  VAT included

Bright Cyan Textures [score + detached part]

Bright Cyan Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS17717
The melancholic Bright cyan Textures for flute and harp by Vincenzo Palermo; the piece is part of the Textures series.

Vincenzo Palermo

12,24 23,49  VAT included

A Story Bigger Than Us

Una Storia più grande di noi

SKU: PL1700-D
By popular demand, Don Claudio Burgio's historical album Una Storia ...

Claudio Burgio



SKU: PLS31216-PLS31316
Vivo is a work included in the album 'Chamber Works Vol. 1', a collection of compositions for small ensembles by one of the most eclectic composers in the contemporary music scene, Mario Totaro from Pesaro.

Mario Totaro

10,12 22,49  VAT included

Fantasy on "Swezda Cista"

Fantasia su «Swezda Cista»

SKU: PLS11911
"Swezda Cista" is a Moravian theme collected by Jan Josef Bozan, (XVII -1716), here reworked by composer Antonio Eros Negri into a Fantasia for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet and Organ.

Antonio Eros Negri

7,99 15,99  VAT included



SKU: PL 18021
Brilliant guitarist, teacher, arranger and music therapist, Silvio Barisone, originally from Alessandria, reaches the third recording milestone of his career with Inside. Produced by Preludio Music of Milan, like his previous albums Leonardo (2011) and Travel (2015), Barisone's new album features a beautiful painting by Davide Minetti on its cover.

Silvio Barisone

6,99  VAT included

Two Natural Contemplations [score + detached parts]

Two Natural Contemplations [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS9817-C
Two Natural Contemplation is a fascinating piece for flute, clarinet and piano written by Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

19,74 33,49  VAT included

Twin song

Canto gemello

SKU: PLS11018-PLS32016-PLS32116-PLS32617
Vincenzo Palermo's Canto Gemello in the 4 versions for four-handed piano, clarinet and piano, ...

Vincenzo Palermo

8,74 19,99  VAT included

Like a Tightened Bow

Like a Tightened Bow

SKU: PLS12818
Like a Tightened Bow is a piece for solo harp by Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

6,99 14,99  VAT included

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