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SKU: PL 3707
The second album by Bologna-based a cappella vocal group Blue Penguin.

Blue Penguin

15,00  VAT included

Pisces are watching us.

I Pesci ci osservano

SKU: PL 5909
'I Pesci osservano ci' is Andrea Labanca's first album, consisting of nine tracks.

Andrea Labanca

12,20  VAT included

Chromatic Micropreludes

Micropreludi Cromatici

SKU: PLS30221
Winner of the 4th Achrome Ensemble International Call for Scores 2020.

Christian Paterniti

11,99 21,99  VAT included


Nighttime variations

Variazioni notturne

SKU: PLS28916
Variazioni Notturne is a piece by composer Paolo Coggiola for guitar, which was given its first performance by guitarist Giuseppe Chiaramonte.

Paolo Coggiola

7,99 15,99  VAT included

Poisoned Mushrooms [score + detached part]

Funghi avvelenati [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS21613
Opera for Saxophone and Piano by Alberto Cara included in the CD "I dischi del MEM".

Alberto Cara

14,99 26,99  VAT included


Anti ninna-nanna

SKU: PLS7009
Anti Lullaby is a very funny song by Mezzo Sotto for 5-part vocal group or mixed voice choir.

Various artists

2,20 14,69  VAT included

Sonata n° 1 per violino e pianoforte

Sonata n° 1 per violino e pianoforte

SKU: PLS10618
In 2010, composer Paolo Coggiola composed Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano with the subtitle 'Autumn Walk'.

Paolo Coggiola

11,99 21,99  VAT included

Ex Oedipo

Ex Oedipo

SKU: PL 11513
Ex Oedipo, a tragedy-concert where Mario Totaro's original music and Pietro Conversano's words are integrated to create a complex organism, fluid and rigorous at the same time.

Various artists

12,20  VAT included

There are two suitors in the king's court.

Alla corte del re ci son due pretendenti

SKU: PLS25818
The sheet music for the song "Alla corte del Re ci son due pretendenti per la Principessa chiusa nella torre" from the album "Ce l'avevo quasi fatta" by ALTI & BASSI.

Various artists

1,60 11,19  VAT included



SKU: PLS6509
Battaglia per dodici Ottoni by Antonio Eros Negri is conceived for four trumpets in Bb, four horns in F and four trombones.

Antonio Eros Negri

13,99 23,99  VAT included

Hello Regina

Salve Regina

SKU: PLS12411
Antonio Eros Negri's Salve Regina for mixed choir is a short but extremely fascinating work.

Antonio Eros Negri

3,68 10,49  VAT included

Urkesh Suite

Urkesh Suite

SKU: PL 12514
Urkesh Suite is a digital album by pianist and composer Enzo Sartori, inspired by a trace of art dating back to the 13th century BC. Emerging from Ugarit in Syria is a tablet in cuneiform alphabet that represents, to the current state of knowledge, the oldest written musical hymn in history. The text, of a sacred nature, is still quite obscure today. In the lower part of the tablet, a series of codes and numbering have enabled scholars to transcribe the intervals and durations of the notes of the melody into modern notation. Thus, with a certain degree of approximation, it is possible to get an idea of what music could be heard in royal palaces, such as that of the Queen of Urkesh.

Enzo Sartori

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