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Meat broth.

Brodo di carne

SKU: PLS5708
An Italian parody of The Real Group's 'Chili con carne' by Andrea Rizzi of Blue Penguin in Bologna.

Various artists

4,25 13,99  VAT included

The fable of the shepherd who cried 'Wolf!'

La favola del pastore che gridava «Al lupo!»

SKU: PLS29516
Work by Giorgio Barozzi for flute and guitar, winner of the 'Vincenzo Sorrentino' composition competition.

Giorgio Barozzi

9,99 19,99  VAT included

Crystal Spring.

Crystal Spring

SKU: PLS6309
Crystal Spring is a sweet traditional song from the second album by the vocal quintet Mezzo Sotto entitled Incanto.

Various artists

1,60 11,19  VAT included

Four poems

Quattro liriche

SKU: PLS14712
In a single volume, Aldo Finzi's four delightful lyrics for voice and piano: Rondini, La voix de Sélisette, Catharine and C'era una volta.

Aldo Finzi

13,99 23,99  VAT included

Sonata for Organ

Sonata per organo

SKU: PLS 13311
Danilo Lorenzini's Organ Sonata, available in both digital and paper format.

Danilo Lorenzini

13,99 23,99  VAT included


Anti ninna-nanna

SKU: PLS7009
Anti Lullaby is a very funny song by Mezzo Sotto for 5-part vocal group or mixed voice choir.

Various artists

2,20 14,69  VAT included

Q-art@ playing Antonio Eros Negri

Q-art@ playing Antonio Eros Negri

SKU: PL8111
Q-Art@ is a Milanese ensemble made up of Stefano Dall'Ora, Claudia Bracco, Barbara Tartari and Carlo dell'Acqua. On this CD they pay tribute to the composer Antonio Eros Negri with pieces of his own compositions, as well as Stefano Dall'Ora's Variations on a Theme by Negri himself.


12,20  VAT included

Deared [score + detached parts]

Deared [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS28120
Deared for Harp, Flute and Cello, is an autobiographical poem with delicate tones, veined at times with flashes of lyricism and at others with sudden flashes of melancholy.

Vincenzo Palermo

11,74 23,49  VAT included

Golden Smooth Jazz Oldies

Golden Smooth Jazz Oldies

SKU: PL 18822
Fab Merrett & Al Warren's 'Golden Smooth Jazz Oldies' is released with Preludio. The album brings together covers of famous international hits from the 1960s, but also hits from the same period that are perhaps a little forgotten, which today's audiences can rediscover in these Smooth Jazz versions by Fab Merrett & Al Warren. Download the PRESS KIT!

Fab Merrett & Al Warren

12,20  VAT included




SKU: PL 11613
The second discographic work of the a cappella vocal group Voceversa.


12,20  VAT included

Distant Lovers [score + detached parts]

Distant Lovers [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS28817
Composer Paolo Coggiola's work for Piccolo Clarinet and Bass Clarinet.

Paolo Coggiola

13,59 26,99  VAT included

Fides et Laudes (guitar)

Fides et Laudes (chitarra)

SKU: PLS6709-PLS7109
One of the most spiritually engaging traditions in South American culture, and beyond, is that of the ...

Marcos Vinicius

6,99 7,99  VAT included

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