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Light Song

Light Song

SKU: PL 15517
Enzo Sartori's 2017 single Light Song features a sweet piano composition.

Enzo Sartori

Threnody for Achab

Threnody for Achab

SKU: PLS7817
Threnody for Achab is a work for piano written by Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

6,99 14,99  VAT included

Vocal Cocktail

Vocal Cocktail

SKU: PL 10312
The first album by Vocal Cocktail! A cocktail of 11 tracks entirely a cappella, from "Waltzing Matilda" to "I ricordi della sera", from "Swing low, swing chiarito" to "Joshua fought the battle of Jerico", from "De punta y taco" to "Soul bossa nova".

Vocal Cocktail

12,20  VAT included

Two Sonnets by Dante

Due sonetti di Dante

SKU: PL15117
Dante's two sonnets by composer Paolo Coggiola performed by Ensemble Voyager's.

Various artists



SKU: PL 3306
The vocal group Quattrottave's album entirely dedicated to Christmas songs.


12,20  VAT included

The flower formula

La formula del fiore

SKU: SSB 012
LA FORMULA DEL FIORE is Sentieri selvaggi's first album, and is entirely dedicated to new Italian music.

Sentieri selvaggi

15,00  VAT included

Fides et Laudes (guitar)

Fides et Laudes (chitarra)

SKU: PLS6709-PLS7109
One of the most spiritually engaging traditions in South American culture, and beyond, is that of the ...

Marcos Vinicius

6,99 7,99  VAT included

Aubade et Danse du soleil

Aubade et Danse du soleil

SKU: PLS16718
Aubade et Danse du soleil is a work for solo cello by Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

7,99 15,99  VAT included

Sound Wave

Sound Wave

SKU: PL 14416
Rock guitarist Andrea Accorsi's album.

Andrea Accorsi

Ave Maris Stella (Coggiola)

Ave Maris Stella (Coggiola)

SKU: PLS12918
The work for four mixed-voice choir "Ave Maris Stella" by composer Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

4,21 11,19  VAT included

The Cure (A Cappella SATB)

La cura (A Cappella SATB)

SKU: PLS26720
An arrangement by conductor Giovanni Mirabile of Franco Battiato's song for 4-voice mixed choir and soloist.

John Mirabile

3,76  VAT included

Small berceuse

Piccola berceuse

SKU: PLS6117
Piccola berceuse is a simple and delicate piece for cello and piano written by Aldo Finzi between 1920 and ...

Aldo Finzi

9,49 17,99  VAT included

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