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Spring [score + detached parts]

Spring [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS9417
Spring is a piece for harp quartet written by Luigi Del Prete with a very simple but also very evocative character.

Luigi Del Prete

14,74 29,49  VAT included



SKU: PL 17118
Rĕvŏlūtĭo is a sonic tale, intertwining science and transcendence, matter and antimatter.

Carlos Zarattini

Interrogation in Boston

Intrigo a Boston

SKU: PLS18313
Original, but respectful, elaboration of themes from Verdi's "Ballo in Maschera", for small orchestra and solo piano.

Alessandro Lucchetti

19,99 29,99  VAT included

Fides et Laudes (guitar)

Fides et Laudes (chitarra)

SKU: PLS6709-PLS7109
One of the most spiritually engaging traditions in South American culture, and beyond, is that of the ...

Marcos Vinicius

6,99 7,99  VAT included

Sweatshirt Alti & Bassi

Felpa Alti & Bassi

The beautiful sweatshirt of the vocal quintet ALTI & BASSI!


39,00  VAT included

Mario Totaro - Chamber Works Volume I

Mario Totaro – Chamber Works Volume I

SKU: PL 14116
Chamber Works Vol.1 by Mario Totaro is a collection of compositions for small ensembles by one of the most eclectic composers on the contemporary music scene.

Mario Totaro

15,00  VAT included

Ave Maris Stella (Coggiola)

Ave Maris Stella (Coggiola)

SKU: PLS12918
The work for four mixed-voice choir "Ave Maris Stella" by composer Paolo Coggiola.

Paolo Coggiola

4,21 11,19  VAT included

From 1850

Del 1850

SKU: PLS14914-PLS22714
The opera for soprano and six instruments "Del 1850" on a text by Guido Gozzano, by federico Biscione.

Federico Biscione

11,99 24,99  VAT included

Middle Blues

Mezzo Blues

SKU: PLS6208
Mezzo Blues by Fabio Alessi is a 5-voice a cappella blues from Mezzo Sotto's album Incanto.

Fabio Alessi

2,20 14,69  VAT included

Concerto per orchestra

Concerto per orchestra

SKU: PLS19413
Vincenzo Manno's Concerto for orchestra was performed for the first time in May 1954 by the Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI di Torino, conducted by Arturo Basile. It was subsequently awarded in 1965 at the 'Queen Elisabeth of Belgium' International Competition. It was performed in the finalists' concert in January 1966 by the Grand Orchestre Symphonique de la R.T.B., under the direction of Daniel Sternfeld.

Vincenzo Manno (1901-1981)

30,99 40,99  VAT included

Personal Notes – Dal SUO cassetto

Personal Notes – Dal SUO cassetto

SKU: PL 11113
Personal Notes – Dal SUO cassetto riporta alla luce 12 brani composti da Bruno De Filippi, chitarrista e armonicista, autore di Tintarella di Luna e noto per le collaborazioni con Mina e Celentano.

Bruno De Filippi

14,90  VAT included

Atmosphére (Romance sans paroles)

Atmosphére (Romance sans paroles)

SKU: PLS14418-C
Winner of the 1st edition of the International Call for Scores 2017 by Achrome Ensemble. The composition is a tribute to one of the greatest representatives of literary Symbolism: Stéphane Mallarmé.

Francesco Trocchia

24,99  VAT included

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