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Mad in Italy

Mad in Italy

SKU: PL 12214
Il secondo album del gruppo vocale dei Mezzotono di Bari.


12,20  VAT included

Forgotten Fairies

Forgotten Fairies

SKU: PLS15912-PL16012
Forgotten Fairies was written in a double version for the Italian Harp Orchestra and the Italian Harp Quartet. It is a dreamlike and slightly hallucinatory piece, where a restless swinging motif incessantly crosses many tones as if exploring a dense enchanted forest.

Paolo Coggiola

21,99 51,99  VAT included

12 Preludi e Fughe

12 Preludi e Fughe

SKU: PLS13211
In the most classical of Bach's references, Paolo Coggiola offers, with Edizioni Preludio, his personal collection of Preludes and Fugues for piano.

Paolo Coggiola

22,99 32,99  VAT included

The fable of the shepherd who cried 'Wolf!'

La favola del pastore che gridava «Al lupo!»

SKU: PLS29516
Work by Giorgio Barozzi for flute and guitar, winner of the 'Vincenzo Sorrentino' composition competition.

Giorgio Barozzi

9,99 19,99  VAT included

Middle Blues

Mezzo Blues

SKU: PLS6208
Mezzo Blues by Fabio Alessi is a 5-voice a cappella blues from Mezzo Sotto's album Incanto.

Fabio Alessi

2,20 14,69  VAT included



SKU: PLS32816
Luigi Capuano's "Images" for Bb trumpet. It is featured on the album of the same name, in Angelo Cavallo's interpretation.

Luigi Capuano

5,99  VAT included

Movimento sinfonico

Movimento sinfonico

SKU: PLS16212
Opera sinfonica del compositore romano Vincenzo Manno (1901-1981), che ottenne, nel 1971, la segnalazione della giuria del X Premio Città di Trieste

Vincenzo Manno (1901-1981)

27,99 37,99  VAT included

Sonata for piano n° 9

Sonata per pianoforte n° 9

SKU: PLS18713
Posthumously published by his wife Ida Garzonio, vice-president of the Nuova Polifonica Ambrosiana, the Sonata for piano No. 9 "Ayas" by the Milanese composer Paolo Miccio Lo Monaco.

Paolo Miccio Lo Monaco

10,99 20,99  VAT included

Grande fantasia [score + detached part]

Grande fantasia [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS19113
Work by composer Simone Pionieri for Flute and Piano.

Simone Pioneers

15,24 27,49  VAT included

Three easy pieces.

Tre pezzi facili

SKU: PLS18518
Three easy pieces for piano, by Antonio Toffolo.

Antonio Toffolo

6,99  VAT included

A Cappella Made in Italy - Vol 1

A Cappella Made in Italy – Vol 1

SKU: PL5408
The first official collection of Italian a cappella music, released on 15 November 2008. 76 minutes! 11 vocal groups! 22 tracks!

Various artists

12,20  VAT included

Everything x gift

Tutto x dono

SKU: PLS7610-D
Lenten song composed by Don Claudio Burgio for voice and guitar.

Claudio Burgio

5,99  VAT included

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