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Kronos 141

Kronos 141

SKU: PLS26820
Kronos 141 is a work by Palmo Liuzzi for three harps, revised by Fabrizio Aiello.

Various artists

7,99 15,99  VAT included

Seven Preludes in Bulgarian Mood

Seven Preludes in Bulgarian Mood

SKU: PLS29016
Written for pianist Victoria Terekiev, the seven preludes are the work of composer Paolo Coggiola for solo piano.

Paolo Coggiola

11,99 21,99  VAT included



SKU: PL 8012
Spring's album in Duo composed by Maria Teresa Battistessa and Alessandra Novaga (clarinet and guitar)

Spring in Duo

12,20  VAT included

Morning Flower [score + detached parts]

Morning Flower [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS7717
The piece Morning Flower for two harps by Crotone pianist and composer Rodolfo Saraco is dedicated to the Duo Images formed by Fabrizio Aiello and Gabriella Russo.

Rodolfo Saraco

10,99 21,99  VAT included

Fourth Surplus

Quarto Eccedente

SKU: PL 5508
The Quarto Eccedente are a vocal ensemble from Turin who specialise in the Quartetto Cetra repertoire.

Surplus quarter

12,20  VAT included

A Story Bigger Than Us (bases)

Una Storia più grande di noi (basi)

SKU: PL1700
All the bases of "A story bigger than us" by Don Claudio Burgio can be downloaded directly from the site.

Claudio Burgio

9,90  VAT included

12 Preludes and Fugues

12 Preludi e Fughe

SKU: PLS13211
In the most classical of Bach's references, Paolo Coggiola offers, with Edizioni Preludio, his personal collection of Preludes and Fugues for piano.

Paolo Coggiola

22,99 32,99  VAT included

Small Night Valse

Small Night Valse

SKU: PLS6609-D
This Piccolo Valse Notturno is based on a theme written by Marcos Vinicius some years ago originally for classical guitar, here developed for strings.

Marcos Vinicius

7,99  VAT included

Ave Maris Stella (Melis)

Ave Maris Stella (Melis)

SKU: PLS13018
Ave Maris Stella for mixed choir by Andrea Melis.

Andrea Melis

4,21 11,19  VAT included

The singer at the microphone

Il cantante al microfono

Sentieri selvaggi and Eugenio Finardi's tribute to Vladimir Vysotsky, a poet whose verses were not printed because they were censored by the Soviet authorities.

Sentieri selvaggi

12,20  VAT included

The Singer at the Microphone DVD

Il Cantante al Microfono DVD

SKU: FAB 656
Sentieri selvaggi, one of Italy's leading contemporary classical music ensembles, invited Eugenio Finardi to join them for a project on the work of the great Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky, whose songs have been rethought and transcribed by Filippo Del Corno.

Various artists

12,00  VAT included

Infinite canon (guitars)

Canone infinito (chitarre)

SKU: PLS3607-D
Canone infinito is part of the Sette compososizioni in contrappunto quadruplo for 5 guitars by Antonio Eros Negri.

Antonio Eros Negri

6,99  VAT included

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