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Illegal Blues

Illegal Blues

SKU: PL 8411
Red Phoenix Blues' album entitled 'Illegal Blues', a mix of Rock, Pop, Fusion and Progressive.

Red Phoenix Blues



SKU: PL 14917
The Italian Harmonists, the protagonists of this recording, were inspired by the Comedian Harmonists, an important vocal group in Berlin active between 1928 and 1935, which was forced to change its line-up with the rise of Nazism, since three of its members were Jewish, and then to disband.

Italian Harmonists

16,90  VAT included

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

SKU: PLS26420
A simple and catchy a cappella arrangement for SATB mixed choir or vocal group of Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Sound of Silence' in Dodo Versino's arrangement.

Dodo Versino

3,75  VAT included

Salve del ciel Regina (Puccini) [score + detached parts]

Salve del ciel Regina (Puccini) [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS29416
La Salve Regina per soprano e, originariamente, pianoforte o armonium, di Giacomo Puccini nell’elaborazione per orchestra d’archi di Giovanni Battista Mazza.

Giovanni Battista Mazza

10,49 20,99  VAT included

Songs of nostalgia

Canti della nostalgia

SKU: PLS33821
Daniele Di Virgilio's I Canti della nostalgia is a multi-movement work composed in 2018 for viola and piano.

Daniele Di Virgilio

14,99 24,99  VAT included

Vocal Cocktail

Vocal Cocktail

SKU: PL 10312
The first album by Vocal Cocktail! A cocktail of 11 tracks entirely a cappella, from "Waltzing Matilda" to "I ricordi della sera", from "Swing low, swing chiarito" to "Joshua fought the battle of Jerico", from "De punta y taco" to "Soul bossa nova".

Vocal Cocktail

12,20  VAT included

Corale sarabandato [score + detached parts]

Corale sarabandato [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS30516
Chorale and Sarabande, two ways of moving forward, in an ideal meeting point between a dance and a homophonic song, are the basis for the construction of this short piece in the form of a romanza. The chorale, in its light suavity, underlined by the delicate timbre of the harps, is intersected by the unfurled line of the central sarabande, accompanied by wide rips like an orchestra of plectrums, like a nocturnal melody. A conducting motif now acts as a pivot, now as an accompaniment for both sections and fades quietly into the delicate finale.

Vincenzo Palermo

12,49 24,99  VAT included

Spanish Capriccio

Capriccio Spagnolo

SKU: PLS10318
The Spanish Capriccio is a work by composer Danilo Lorenzini for piano and orchestra performed for the first time in Cordoba in 2018 by the Asociación Cultural Guadalquivir Pianístico.

Danilo Lorenzini

29,99 33,99  VAT included



SKU: PLS25214
Opera for four mixed-voice choir by Brazilian composer Marcos Vinicius.

Marcos Vinicius

3,68 10,49  VAT included

Piccola cantata natalizia

Piccola cantata natalizia

SKU: PLS10517
La Piccola cantata natalizia per soprano e organo di Roberto Mucci, organista titolare presso la Basilica di S. Maria Maggiore di Bergamo.

Roberto Mucci

9,99 19,99  VAT included

Souls in the Wind [partitura + parti staccate]

Souls in the Wind [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS9517
Souls in the Wind è un brano per quartetto di sassofoni scritto da Antonio Eros Negri.

Antonio Eros Negri

15,99 18,99  VAT included

Inside Dreams

Inside Dreams

SKU: PL 17619
Inside Dreams, is the third recording by guitarist Maurizio Mecenero,

Maurizio Mecenero

15,00  VAT included

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