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Bouquet Musique

Bouquet Musique

SKU: PL13916
An innovative project with thirteen pieces ranging from Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue to Paganini's Capriccio n.24 op.1 and much more great music.

Various artists

14,90  VAT included

Piccola cantata natalizia

Piccola cantata natalizia

SKU: PLS10517
La Piccola cantata natalizia per soprano e organo di Roberto Mucci, organista titolare presso la Basilica di S. Maria Maggiore di Bergamo.

Roberto Mucci

9,99 19,99  VAT included

Five episodes

Cinque episodi

SKU: PLS19313-C
The Five Episodes for large orchestra reveal a Vincenzo Manno who has now reached full artistic maturity.

Vincenzo Manno (1901-1981)

25,99 35,99  VAT included

Constellations Favorables [score + detached part]

Constellations Favorables [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS20813
Constellations Favorables is a piece written in a double version for soprano saxophone and piano, or oboe and piano.

Federico Biscione

13,99 26,99  VAT included

When I Need a Friend (A Cappella SATB)

When I Need a Friend (A Cappella SATB)

SKU: PLS33121
Dodo Versino and the boys from 'il coro che non c'è' have stunned the web with their version of Coldplay's single When I Need a Friend. You can buy the digital score only on Sheet Music Plus, at the link below.

Dodo Versino

3,76  VAT included

Mario Totaro - Chamber Works Volume I

Mario Totaro – Chamber Works Volume I

SKU: PL 14116
Chamber Works Vol.1 by Mario Totaro is a collection of compositions for small ensembles by one of the most eclectic composers on the contemporary music scene.

Mario Totaro

15,00  VAT included

I almost had it.

Ce l’avevo quasi fatta

SKU: PL 17218
As usual for the Milanese vocal quintet, Ce l'avevo quasi fatta is the first ever a cappella album project in Italy to be entirely made up of previously unreleased tracks. It is a journey through different musical genres (rap, pop, jazz, swing, funky, rock & roll...) which, thanks to refined and committed lyrics, offers us a new picture of today's society.


15,00  VAT included

The Espero

La Espero

The Blue Penguin single 'La Espero' is an Esperanto anthem performed a cappella.

Blue Penguin

5,00  VAT included

Nine below Zero

Nine below Zero

SKU: BP001
the first album by the Bologna-based vocal group Blue Penguin.

Blue Penguin

12,20  VAT included

The couplet of the Sibyl of Ephesus

Il distico della Sibilla di Efeso

SKU: PLS6017
Piece composed by composer Vincenzo Palermo on commission as compulsory piece for the 9th edition of the International Harp Competition "Marcel Tournier".

Vincenzo Palermo

6,99 14,99  VAT included



SKU: PL 3707
The second album by Bologna-based a cappella vocal group Blue Penguin.

Blue Penguin

15,00  VAT included



SKU: PLS2607-D
Ragtime for marimba and strings is a composition by Antonio Eros Negri inspired by Dino Buzzati's The Creation.

Antonio Eros Negri

14,99  VAT included

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