Psychoacoustic Brain Power

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"Psychoacoustic Brain Power", by Fulvio Muzio and Silvio Capeccia (historic members of Enrico Ruggeri's Decibel), is a project designed to stimulate the activation of certain mental processes such as "attention", "concentration", "meditation" and "relaxation". To be listened to with headphones, very useful for treating insomnia.

"Psychoacoustic Brain Power' is a project designed to stimulate the activation of certain mental processes such as the 'Psychoacoustic Brain Power'.Attention", the "concentration", the "meditation"and the "relaxation". Each of these mental processes is stimulated in succession along a path marked by the succession of musical pieces. The psychoacoustic components, created by Fulvio Muziowere combined with specially calibrated compositions by the 'ambient' musician Silvio CapecciaThis combination allows for faster psycho-physical relaxation, an indispensable condition for achieving the phenomenon known as "Entrainment", through which the frequency of the brain waves tends to synchronise with that of the sound stimuli coming from the CD (through stereophonic headphones), thus enhancing, depending on the type of frequency inserted in each track, different mental states (more details in the section on "Entrainment"). table in PDF preview). The psychoacoustic technique used is known as "Binaural Beats", a technique which, when used correctly, is capable of producing the phenomenon known as "Entrainment". In this Edition, all tracks have been made in the tuning La = 432 Hz (known as 'scientific tuning') which, unlike the 'standard' tuning (A = 440 Hz), is in tune with the natural harmonics of the human body and its replication matrix at 8 Hz (this topic is extensively developed on the website where it is also possible to obtain detailed information on 'binaural tones').

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