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Light Song

Light Song

SKU: PL 15517
Enzo Sartori's 2017 single Light Song features a sweet piano composition.

Enzo Sartori

Mad in Italy

Mad in Italy

SKU: PL 12214
Il secondo album del gruppo vocale dei Mezzotono di Bari.


12,20  VAT included

There are seven notes.

Le note sono sette

SKU: PLS27920
The a cappella piece Le note sono sette by Giampiero Castagna on a text by Roberto Piumini, winner of the Varese Virtual Choir competition.

Various artists

3,68 10,49  VAT included

Sonata for piano n° 9

Sonata per pianoforte n° 9

SKU: PLS18713
Posthumously published by his wife Ida Garzonio, vice-president of the Nuova Polifonica Ambrosiana, the Sonata for piano No. 9 "Ayas" by the Milanese composer Paolo Miccio Lo Monaco.

Paolo Miccio Lo Monaco

10,99 20,99  VAT included

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS30316-D
This volume includes Due aforismi per Oboe and the Sonata Angelica, for Oboe and Piano, by composer Celestina Masotti.

Celestina Masotti

10,74 21,49  VAT included

Big Charleston

Big Charleston

SKU: PLS2807-D
Charleston for Big Band by composer Antonio Eros Negri available in PDF score format.

Antonio Eros Negri

9,99  VAT included

Harpscapes (CD + sheet music)

Harpscapes (CD + spartito)

SKU: PL12314 + PLS25314
The CD Harpscapes together with the anthology with the scores of four songs from Raoul Moretti's album.

Raoul Moretti

9,99 14,90  VAT included

Sonata 4 Pulsazioni

Sonata 4 Pulsazioni

SKU: PL 13816
Enzo Sartori's EP presenting his Sonata 4 pulsations.

Enzo Sartori

Marble White Textures [score + detached part]

Marble White Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS16517
Marble White Textures is a piece from the Textures series written by Vincenzo Palermo for harp and piano.

Vincenzo Palermo

8,99 17,99  VAT included

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

SKU: PLS9617
In Memoriam, for eleven saxophones, is a work composed in 2013 by Antonio Eros Negri dedicated to all those who in the past, whether near or distant, have left us something important that inspires our present and accompanies us on our future path.

Antonio Eros Negri

16,99 26,99  VAT included

Five portraits of dragons

Cinque ritratti di draghi

SKU: PLS14111
Composed for educational and training purposes for a small orchestra of instruments commonly studied and found in all music schools, these short pieces are inspired by the wonderful creatures that are dragons.

Paolo Coggiola

22,99  VAT included

Summer Sketches

Summer Sketches

SKU: PLS20613
The work Summer Sketches by Genoese pianist Massimiliano Damerini is a journey through twenty-four different suggestions.

Massimiliano Damerini

18,99 28,99  VAT included

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