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Four bagatelles

Quattro bagatelle

SKU: PL 15617
The four Bagatelles by Milanese composer Antonio Toffolo are performed on this digital CD by Elena Talarico on piano.

Antonio Toffolo

Anonima Armonisti

Anonima Armonisti

SKU: CD 001/2009
A small anthology of what it means to sing a cappella for Anonima Armonisti, a vocal group from Rome.

Anonymous Harmonists

12,20  VAT included

Valse Musette

Valse Musette

SKU: PLS8611-D
Valse Musette is a work by composer Antonio Eros Negri for flute, clarinet, double bass and piano.

Antonio Eros Negri

14,99  VAT included

Six Sonatas

Sei sonate

SKU: PLS26620
The varied and inimitable universe of harpsichord music by the genius Domenico Scarlatti in an adaptation of six sonatas for harp by Fabrizio Aiello.

Fabrizio Aiello

15,99 25,99  VAT included

Six reflections

Sei riflessioni

SKU: PLS9317
Sei riflessioni is a group of six pieces for piccolo clarinet and bass clarinet written by Alessio Manega and dedicated to Guido Arbonelli.

Alessio Manega

10,99 20,99  VAT included

Fiori di scoglio

Fiori di scoglio

SKU: PLS14317
Fiori di scoglio è un'opera del compositore Paolo Coggiola, per viola e pianoforte.

Paolo Coggiola

7,99 15,99  VAT included

Compositions in quadruple counterpoint

Composizioni in contrappunto quadruplo

SKU: PLS5408-PLS5508-PLS5608
Collection of pieces, inspired by a particular aspect of the contrapuntal art of Girolamo Frescobaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach. For Strings or Harpsichords (or other keyboard instruments) or Guitars.

Antonio Eros Negri

6,99 26,99  VAT included

A Story Bigger Than Us

Una Storia più grande di noi

SKU: PL1700-D
By popular demand, Don Claudio Burgio's historical album Una Storia ...

Claudio Burgio

Playing the Sax Is a Game

Playing the Sax Is a Game

SKU: PLS13118
La raccolta di opere di Giovanni De Luca dedicata al Sassofono.

Giovanni De Luca

13,99 23,99  VAT included

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS30316-D
This volume includes Due aforismi per Oboe and the Sonata Angelica, for Oboe and Piano, by composer Celestina Masotti.

Celestina Masotti

10,74 21,49  VAT included

Sonata K. 283 (for two harps) [score + detached parts]

Sonata K. 283 (per due arpe) [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS10218
The Piano Sonata No. 5 K. 283 by Mozart in the transcription for two harps by Tommaso Greco. Revision by Albarosa Di Lieto.

Tommaso Greco

19,99 32,29  VAT included

Morning Star

Stella del mattino

SKU: PLS27215-D
Work by Luigi Benincasa Winning piece (ex aequo) of the 2nd Composition Competition for flute and guitar "Vincenzo Sorrentino".

Luigi Benincasa

6,99  VAT included

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