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Urkesh Suite

Urkesh Suite

SKU: PL 12514
Urkesh Suite is a digital album by pianist and composer Enzo Sartori, inspired by a trace of art dating back to the 13th century BC. Emerging from Ugarit in Syria is a tablet in cuneiform alphabet that represents, to the current state of knowledge, the oldest written musical hymn in history. The text, of a sacred nature, is still quite obscure today. In the lower part of the tablet, a series of codes and numbering have enabled scholars to transcribe the intervals and durations of the notes of the melody into modern notation. Thus, with a certain degree of approximation, it is possible to get an idea of what music could be heard in royal palaces, such as that of the Queen of Urkesh.

Enzo Sartori



SKU: PLS6417-PLS8010
Aldo Finzi's Pastoralina, written between 1918 and 1920, is a work originally conceived for violin and piano. Gian Paolo Sanzogno has produced a very interesting version for orchestra.

Aldo Finzi

10,49 23,99  VAT included

Angelus ad Virginem

Angelus ad Virginem

SKU: PLS14211-D
Angelus ad virginem is a fantasia on an ancient medieval chant by Antonio Eros Negri conceived for voice, discanto, choir and instruments.

Antonio Eros Negri

3,68  VAT included

Everything x gift

Tutto x dono

SKU: PLS7610-D
Lenten song composed by Don Claudio Burgio for voice and guitar.

Claudio Burgio

5,99  VAT included

Aldo Finzi - The Greatest Works

Aldo Finzi – The Greatest Works

SKU: PL 10012
An elegant collector's box in a LIMITED EDITION with 3 CDs containing the major works of the composer Aldo Finzi (1897-1945).

Aldo Finzi

29,90  VAT included

Marble White Textures [score + detached part]

Marble White Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS16517
Marble White Textures is a piece from the Textures series written by Vincenzo Palermo for harp and piano.

Vincenzo Palermo

8,99 17,99  VAT included

Stille Nacht [score + detached parts]

Stille Nacht [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS20713
An interesting harmonisation of Stille Nacht that can be performed a cappella or with Piccola Orchestra accompaniment.

Andrea Thomas Gambetti

5,18 13,49  VAT included



SKU: PL 8811
The first album by Silvio Barisone, a guitarist from Alessandria, which presents 7 tracks between traditional and contemporary.

Silvio Barisone

12,20  VAT included

The couplet of the Sibyl of Ephesus

Il distico della Sibilla di Efeso

SKU: PLS6017
Piece composed by composer Vincenzo Palermo on commission as compulsory piece for the 9th edition of the International Harp Competition "Marcel Tournier".

Vincenzo Palermo

6,99 14,99  VAT included

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

Due aforismi e Sonata angelica [partitura + parte staccata]

SKU: PLS30316-D
This volume includes Due aforismi per Oboe and the Sonata Angelica, for Oboe and Piano, by composer Celestina Masotti.

Celestina Masotti

10,74 21,49  VAT included

There are two suitors in the king's court.

Alla corte del re ci son due pretendenti

SKU: PLS25818
The sheet music for the song "Alla corte del Re ci son due pretendenti per la Principessa chiusa nella torre" from the album "Ce l'avevo quasi fatta" by ALTI & BASSI.

Various artists

1,60 11,19  VAT included

A Story Bigger Than Us (collection)

Una Storia più grande di noi (raccolta)

SKU: PLS2507
Una Storia più grande di noi by Don Claudio Burgio is a collection with all the scores of the songs from the album of the same name.

Claudio Burgio

5,99 29,99  VAT included

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