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Dilly Baby

Dilly Baby

Dilly Baby is a sweet lullaby by Andrea Figallo to a text by Andrea Figallo and Stefano Benini, in the A cappella arrangement for mixed-voice choir.

Andrea Figallo

2,90 3,90  VAT included


Different line [score + detached parts]

Linea diversa [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS17617
Linea diversa is a quartet for harp quartet written by Vincenzo Palermo.

Vincenzo Palermo

18,24 34,49  VAT included

Volume 60

Volume 60

SKU: PL 16918
The second album by the vocal group Alter Ego dedicated entirely to the 60s

Alter Ego

12,20  VAT included

Atmosphére (Romance sans paroles)

Atmosphére (Romance sans paroles)

SKU: PLS14418-C
Winner of the 1st edition of the International Call for Scores 2017 by Achrome Ensemble. The composition is a tribute to one of the greatest representatives of literary Symbolism: Stéphane Mallarmé.

Francesco Trocchia

24,99  VAT included

Hello Regina

Salve Regina

SKU: PLS12411
Antonio Eros Negri's Salve Regina for mixed choir is a short but extremely fascinating work.

Antonio Eros Negri

3,68 10,49  VAT included

Old Blues

Old Blues

SKU: PLS9211-D
Old Blues is the (self-)ironic parenthesis that brings us back to a nostalgic twentieth century, before concentrating the tension in the dramatic Sonatina: a single movement imbued with post-romantic pathos, whose restlessness, emphasised by the piano writing in 6+6 chromatic groups, never leads to resigned despair, sending out calls of light through the voice of the flute.

Antonio Eros Negri

6,99  VAT included

The Cure (A Cappella SATB)

La cura (A Cappella SATB)

SKU: PLS26720
An arrangement by conductor Giovanni Mirabile of Franco Battiato's song for 4-voice mixed choir and soloist.

John Mirabile

3,76  VAT included

Harsa [score + detached parts]

Harsa [partitura + parti staccate]

SKU: PLS31716
Harsa is a work by composer Mario Totaro consisting of two studies for saxophone quartet.

Mario Totaro

20,99 39,99  VAT included



SKU: PL 10412
Everyone was expecting the end of the world on 21 December 2012, but instead.... comes out TEN! the third album by the Milanese vocal group Quattrottave.


12,20  VAT included



SKU: PLS8517
Ascesa is a suite for the four main clarinet cuts (Piccolo in Eb, in Bb, in A and Bass Clarinet) written by Alessio Manega in 2017 for Guido Arbonelli.

Alessio Manega

9,99 19,99  VAT included

All in One (anthology)

All in One (antologia)

SKU: PLS27415
An anthology with three piano pieces from Celestina Masotti's album All in One.

Celestina Masotti

10,99 20,99  VAT included

From 1850

Del 1850

SKU: PLS14914-PLS22714
The opera for soprano and six instruments "Del 1850" on a text by Guido Gozzano, by federico Biscione.

Federico Biscione

11,99 24,99  VAT included

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