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All in one

All in one

SKU: PL12614
In her work 'All in one', Celestina Masotti presents an all-round compositional vein that is bold and completely contemporary, but which does not disdain quotations that show the importance of roots even in innovation.

Celestina Masotti

12,20  VAT included

We Sing... Christmas

Noi Cantando… il Natale

SKU: pPL 8711
The Noi Cantando Choir's disc, entirely dedicated to Christmas! An elegant digipack containing the most precious tracks of the Noi Cantando Christmas repertoire and tradition. An excursus between popular songs ("La luna e 'l sul", "Notte Santa", "Intorno a la cuna") in Vitaliano Zambon's elaborations, up to the most classic and timeless ones, such as "Deck the hall", "Jingle bells", "Oh happy day".

Choir We Sing

10,00  VAT included

Secrets of Light

Secrets of Light

SKU: PL 15317
The second album by Maurizio Mecenero and his Quintet, released in 2015.

Maurizio Mecenero

A Cappella Album from La Nave dei Sogni

A Cappella Album from La Nave dei Sogni

SKU: PLS27315
An unmissable collection! From Alti & Bassi's album La Nave dei Sogni, second Best Jazz Album at the Cara in Boston (a bit like the Grammy Award for A Cappella Music worldwide), 6 tracks in a version for choir or vocal group.


1,40 17,49  VAT included


Harpscapes (antologia)

Harpscapes (antologia)

SKU: PLS25314
L’antologia dei brani tratti dall'album Harpscapes dell’arpista Raoul Moretti.

Raoul Moretti

9,99 19,99  VAT included

Christmas Anthology

Antologia Natalizia

SKU: PLS30716
Anthology of Christmas carols edited by Antonio Eros Negri

Various artists

8,94 18,89  VAT included

Playing the Sax Is a Game

Playing the Sax Is a Game

SKU: PLS13118
La raccolta di opere di Giovanni De Luca dedicata al Sassofono.

Giovanni De Luca

13,99 23,99  VAT included

A Story Bigger Than Us

Una Storia più grande di noi

SKU: PL1700-D
By popular demand, Don Claudio Burgio's historical album Una Storia ...

Claudio Burgio



SKU: PLS15118-C
The work Sognango by composer Francesco Trocchia is a tribute to Carlos Gardel for ensemble consisting of flute, bass clarinet, violin and guitar.

Francesco Trocchia

22,99  VAT included

The silk mask

La maschera di seta

SKU: PLS24919
The opera for solo violin by Federica Volante.

Federica Volante

6,99 14,99  VAT included



SKU: PL 2904
The first album by the a cappella vocal group Quattrottave.


12,20  VAT included

A Cappella Made in Italy Christmas – Vol 2

A Cappella Made in Italy Christmas – Vol 2

SKU: PL 8911
The second compilation of Italian a cappella groups dedicated to Christmas.

Various artists

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