Sonnenwende per armonica cromatica e pianoforte

27 07 2022 | Editorial News

Sonnenwende for chromatic harmonica and piano is a work composed in 1999 by Paolo Cattaneo and released today with Preludio.

It is a composition designed for chromatic harmonica and piano, but can also be performed for oboe or clarinet and piano.

Sonnenwende for chromatic harmonica and piano

Sonnenwende, solstice, an event that marks the time of the apex seasons: summer and winter. Therefore, in the Heraclitean sense, harmony of opposites in which the life cycle of nature is generated and where man manifests himself in his 'being'. A piece whose atmospheres evoke the essentiality of the "world of life", where the initial theme is followed by various episodes, even contrasting ones, to find a conciliatory balance through a sort of reprise with a formal sonatistic feel. A watercolour of soft hues, sometimes more marked and incisive, even strong, in which the tonality fades to accommodate the multiple emotional trajectories of changing moods, not without nostalgic sonic reminiscences.
Paolo Cattaneo

The work is available both in paper and PDF format, which can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Detached parts for harmonica/oboe and Bb clarinet are included.

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