Vincenzo Palermo

He graduated from the Conservatory of Naples S. Pietro a Majella in piano in 1989, with full marks and honours, and in conducting in 1996 with Renato Piemontese. He studied composition with Francesco d'Avalos and Luciano Tomei in Naples, where he graduated with full marks in 1995. His music has been performed in Italy, at Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Teatrino di Corte del S. Carlo in Naples, RAI Auditorium and Teatro Bellini in Naples, Pomeriggi Musicali and Teatro di Porta Romana in Milan, Lingotto in Turin, Teatro Valle and Teatro Sala Umberto in Rome, Teatro La Pergola in Florence, Filarmonica Laudamo, Teatro Vittorio Emanuele and Teatro Savio (Accademia Filarmonica) of Messina, Teatro Rendano of Cosenza, Teatro Politeama (Concert Seasons of Teatro Massimo) and Teatro Biondo of Palermo, Festival Spazio Musica of Cagliari, Festival delle Città of Portogruaro, Emilia Romagna Festival, Teatro Verdi of Salerno; abroad in France, England, the United States, Canada, Chile and Argentina. He has carried out an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad as a soloist, in chamber music ensembles and as a conductor. He has dedicated much attention to chamber music, not only as a composer, but also as a performer, perfecting his skills with well-known concert performers such as Mark Drobinskij, Alessandro Specchi, Pier Narciso Masi, Salvatore Altobelli, obtaining several prestigious awards both nationally and internationally. His teachers for Composition were Luciano Tomei for Harmony and Counterpoint, and Francesco D'Avalos with whom he brilliantly completed his studies, winning the 'Terenzio Gargiulo' prize as best graduate of the academic year. He obtained his piano diploma with top marks and honours at the Naples Conservatory where he attended Marisa Carretta's class. He attended Orchestra Direction courses with Maestros Francesco D'Avalos and Roberto Manfredini, completing his studies with Renato Piemontese; he also combined the study of Music with that of Fine Arts. He has collaborated and lectured for the Universities of Cassino, Reggio Calabria and Florida International University in Miami, USA. He has held the chair of Composition at the Conservatory of Reggio Calabria, Avellino and Trapani, and the chair of Harmony and Counterpoint at the Conservatory of Palermo. He currently teaches Composition at the S. Giacomantonio Conservatory in Cosenza.

Bright Cyan Textures [score + detached part].

Bright Cyan Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

Twin song

Canto gemello

Corale sarabandato [score + detached parts].

Corale sarabandato [partitura + parti staccate]

Deared [score + detached parts].

Deared [partitura + parti staccate]

Deep Blue Textures [score + detached part].

Deep Blue Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

The couplet of the Sybil of Ephesus

Il distico della Sibilla di Efeso

Indigo Textures [score + detached part].

Indigo Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

The Harp of Hermes

L’arpa di Ermete

Elegant slow

Lento elegiaco

Different line [score + detached parts].

Linea diversa [partitura + parti staccate]

Marble White Textures [score + detached part].

Marble White Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

Orange Textures [score + detached part].

Orange Textures [partitura + parte staccata]

First graffiti on amphora

Primo graffito sull’anfora

Sonata (saxophone and piano) [score + detached part].

Sonata (sassofono e pianoforte) [partitura + parte staccata]

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