The Maybe6ix were born in 2006 from an idea of Fausto Caravati and Alessandro Cadario, both musicians particularly dedicated to the choral and vocal world with the collaboration of four eclectic voices active on the Italian pop scene: Tony Guerrieri, Luca Giugno, Tommaso Ferrandina and Krishna Nagaraja. The Maybe6ix work to spread the best of Italian pop music through original arrangements using only voices, performing concerts in Italy and abroad. In this type of new musical experimentation, each song becomes a singular "madrigal" in which the arrangement in polyphony enhances the meaning and sound of the words and, without losing the incisiveness of the vocal percussion and vocal bass, sometimes there is even room for a 5-part fugue or a few bars in total contrapuntal style. The Maybe6ix conduct school projects through lessons/concerts in order to introduce student choirs to a-cappella polyphony without drawing exclusively from the classical repertoire but also using pop songs that the children know and are used to singing. They also conduct masterclasses on vocal percussion, arranging, choral workshop, vocal technique.

A Cappella Made in Italy - Vol 1

A Cappella Made in Italy – Vol 1

A Cappella Made in Italy - Vol 2

A Cappella Made in Italy – Vol 2



San Remo in Cappella

Sanremo a Cappella

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