The vocal group Sintagma was founded in 2006 from a shared passion of the founders, who wanted to explore different musical genres where the various parts of the pieces are performed by soloists and not by choral sections, arranging 'a cappella' even pieces usually performed with instrumental accompaniment. Over the years, various formations have taken turns. The vocal group currently consists of: Cristian Facchin (alto), Enrico Lanciano (tenor), Cristiano Perenzin (baritone, tenor), Marcello Zanin (baritone - coordinator), Luciano Gasperin (bass). The desire to experiment with new things and a passion for music led Sintagma to embark on a journey that has led them to have a varied repertoire, comprising popular songs, regional Italian and foreign songs, spirituals and gospel songs, ranging through Italian and international pop, jazz arrangements, barbershops, Alpine songs... In 2010, the group recorded the Christmas album "La Stella s'è accesa" (The Star is lit up) with the technical-musical collaboration of the esteemed maestro and friend Manolo Da Rold, recorded in the ancient church of Addolorata in Mel (BL). In 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the vocal group Sintagma was recognised by the municipality of Feltre as a musical formation of municipal interest. In 2015, Sintagma presented '100', their recording dedicated to the centenary of the First World War, recorded in the splendid setting of La Sena Theatre in Feltre (BL). It is a collection of songs, some considered milestones and others written by contemporary authors, all concerning the Great War interpreted and adapted to their way of singing. In 2016 they celebrate their first 10 years of activity with a dedicated concert-show and record their third CD entitled 'Sintagma 10', again in the La Sena Theatre in Feltre, which is very dear to them. With this CD they highlight their being, mixing songs from various musical genres and eras: we find gospel, barbershop, madrigals, country, traditional South American, and Italian 60s songs; many of these songs are arranged or re-adapted by themselves. Sintagma takes part in various concerts and events at local level, even promoting two annual initiatives. For many years they have organised a benefit concert in the autumn to raise funds for development and support initiatives for children in Ecuador. The other recurring event is the "Voci dalle Torri di Neva" (Voices from the Towers of Neva) on the first Sunday in July, an event that takes place at the Bruno Boz refuge, at an altitude of 1718 metres, in one of the splendid theatres that only the Dolomites can offer. The aim of the 'Voci dalle Torri di Neva' event is therefore to combine a passion for singing with a passion for the mountains and hiking, as well as knowledge of and respect for the area hosting the concert. All this without neglecting the intrinsic value of friendship that unites all those who find themselves spending a day at the foot of the Neva on that Sunday...



Syntagma 10

Sintagma 10

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