Piergiorgio Ratti

Piergiorgio Ratti, born in 1991, enrolled at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music in Como in 2004. He graduated in oboe in 2011 at the Conservatory of Como under the direction of maestro Adriano Mondini. He has participated in masterclasses with Luca Vignali and Fabien Thouand. He attended lessons with maestros Luigi Finetto, Francesco Di Rosa and Fabien Thouand. He began composing as a self-taught composer in the summer of 2007, after attending the summer orchestra course in Lanciano under the direction of maestro Massimiliano Caldi. In 2009 he completed his first symphony for large orchestra. He studied composition privately with Maestro Antonio Eros Negri, whose close collaborator he is today. The following year he began a prolific production of pieces for a wide variety of ensembles. He has taken part in master classes with Andrea Portera. Together with his friend, the trombonist and conductor Lorenzo Passerini, he founded the "Orchestra Giovanile Antonio Vivaldi", where he is composer, arranger and oboist. He has written pieces for internationally renowned soloists such as Giampaolo Pretto and Francesco Manara. Some of his compositions have been performed at the Teatro della Triennale in Milan, at the Auditorium Sant'Antonio in Morbegno, at the Teatro Nuovo and Villa Olmo in Como, at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, at the Teatro di Monza and at Villa Castiglione in Florence. He is also active as a composer: he has transcribed for the "Tuttottoni Brass Quartet", for the "V Brass Quintett", for the "Haydn Quintet", for various string quartets (including the "Alauda String Quartet" of the Royal Academy of London), as well as for symphony orchestras. It is published by "Preludio Edizioni Musicali". He attends physics at the State University of Milan.

The glass bead game

Il gioco delle perle di vetro

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