København Store

There is a common thread linking the Danish capital (Copenhagen) to Piacenza. A long thread of icy melodies, bedroom post-rock and low-fidelity electronics. The thread of København Store, one of the best-kept secrets of tricolour indie. Born as a duo at the beginning of 2003 after a trip to the northern lands (hence the bizarre name), over time they have evolved by expanding the line-up to more elements and involving prestigious guests. After two demos with a strong electronic focus, they rediscovered guitars and turned towards a nuanced, multi-faceted post rock. Many souls coexist in their music. As if Múm had been locked in a small room with cLOUDDEAD and Goodspeed You!Black Emperor. Their ideal dimension is live, their shows marked by energy and rarefied sounds and atmospheres have made them a small cult. After numerous tours and concerts in the company of the likes of Mono (the 'glory' of Japanese post-rock), Giardini di Mirò, Apse, Solvent, Popolus and Disco Drive, they released their long-awaited debut album "Action, Please!" in February 2008 on the newly founded 42 Records. The album, produced by Giacomo Fiorenza (Moltheni, Yuppie Flu, Giardini di Mirò, Marco Parente, Offlaga Disco Pax) features the prestigious collaboration of important names from the Italian indie scene. In fact, one after the other, the voices of Alessandro Raina (Giardini di Mirò, Noorda, Amor Fou), Jonathan Clancy (Settlefish, A Classic Education), Fabio Campetti (EdWood) and Simone Magnaschi (Stinking Polecats) are featured. The choice of not having an actual singer underlines the eclectic and iridescent aspect of the band's writing, the extremely varied nature of the compositions and the band's desire not to crystallise in any one genre or canon. The success of 'Action, Please!' allowed the band to intensify its live activity and to start work on a new record project: 'Hi Low You'. Not an ordinary album, but a trilogy consisting of three different works linked by a single thread. The first chapter "Hi", again produced by Giacomo Fiorenza, was released by 42 Records in February 2010 and features the collaboration of Paolo Torreggiani (My Awesome Mixtape), Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Baustelle, Non Voglio Che Clara, Alessandro Grazian...) and Angelo Maria Santisi (Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Roberto Angelini, Valentina Dorme). The group is currently at work on the second chapter of the trilogy, 'Low'.

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