Fake P

Fake P is an emerging rock band formed in autumn 2003. Within a short period of time they enjoyed success, in particular thanks to the song 'Last', which was the soundtrack of the 'Comete Gioielli' TV commercial broadcast on the main national networks throughout 2007. Their first work, 'Zero Crossings', dates back to the band's beginnings and was immediately followed by their second, 'Pigeons', in March 2004, a sign of the group's special creative vein. Nine more months of pregnancy led to the twin birth of 'This will be the past' and 'This has been the future', the third demo divided into two complementary CDs, in December 2004. If at first the live dimension deviated from the record versions, preferring a more conventional and direct, less layered and more natural rendition, the group now presents itself to the public with 20 original pieces and a decided prevalence of electronic sounds. In this way, Fake P achieve an even more explicit duality of their essences: the ability to perform the same song twice while pretending it is something different. In recent years Fake P have played concerts in Milan, Verona, Ferrara, Cesena and recently in Udine. They have also obtained: a 9 review in Blow up; a mention of their first demo in D donna, the insert of Repubblica; the selection and broadcasting of a song at the Lifegate Music Starter on Radio Lifegate in Milan (10 demos chosen out of 524); victory in the first edition of the Shout! competition in 2004. Finally, they were chosen among the 11 bands selected to play on the second stage of the 2006 Heineken Jammin' Festival. FakeP are under Preludio contract in co-production with the 42 Records label.

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