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Chazz!!! è una suite per contrabbasso solo composta da Alessio Manega nel 2018.

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Chazz!!! è una suite per contrabbasso solo composta da Alessio Manega nel 2018.

While none of the works played here are literal translation of my feelings they all have been selected to serve the mood and purpose of the program. Each piece has its function in the dramatic narrative throughout the 50 minutes of music. In that respect the general idea is starting in the darkness and ending with the feeling of hope. I will leave the rest to your own imagination. I should mention that a lot of the music played here was written by my friends and colleagues who besides being prominent bass virtuosos are as well great and imaginative composers. Each of them pushes the boundaries of a modern bass repertoire in their own right. While most of pieces have been already performed or recorded (despite having been written just in few recent years) - I am very pleased to introduce “CHAZZ!!!”- brand new work from Alessio Manega, young composer from Italy, which is receiving premiere hearing in this recital. My special thanks go also to Daniele Roccato for letting me play his composition “Vilma’s Memories” without an official publication existing. Getting to know and working on all of these works has been source of great joy and inspiration for me!
Szymon Marciniak, in May 2021

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