Un nuovo E-Commerce più moderno e funzionale!

22 02 2022 | Avvisi

In 2022 we will launch our new E-commerce, dedicated to our record productions and editorial releases. In an extremely difficult time for music, we have decided to invest in the digital and thus allow our artists to have a better understanding of the showcase important and effective in the objective of spreading 'our' music; on the other hand, for users and customers, to experience a 'real' music experience.experience more up-to-date and functional.

Born in 2007, at a time when buying by credit card on the web seemed pure madness, Preludiomusicover the years, it has always been ahead of its time and has thus made it possible to give light to new musical productions that are carefully selected and always bear a common minimum denominator, which is the sum total of creativity, originality e quality.

At the end of 2021 well 891 references constituted the editorial catalogue offered for sale on our platform; 300 artists have relied on our organisation; about 1300 usersregistered, from all over the world; Preludiomusic processed thousands of orders very quickly, entrusting the shipment to Express Couriers.
No complaints, no returns were ever requested, our customer service was always helpful and prompt.

Now, the new platform will allow users to get clearer and more detailed information, especially in the various formats available, to write reviews on the products or service obtained, to receive coupons o offers personalised in order to learn about new artists or products related to purchasing preferences.

In addition, the new platform will allow the immediate dispatch, upon order processing and receipt of payment, of sheet music in PDF formatThis also allows for customisation of the licence and therefore gives our composers a greater degree of flexibility. copyright protection. The new architecture should also ensure better indexing and thus better promotion and dissemination of products.

We would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce of Milan / Monza-Brianzathe C2T Technology Transfer Consortium and the web-agency Axurawho supported us in this innovative venture!


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