ALTI & BASSI, Nick The Night Fly

Take Five!

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Take Five! Five voices, five chocolates, five senses, five tracks! An all-cappella record by Alti & Bassi, presented by Franco Cerri, heavily jazzed. With the extraordinary participation of Nick The Night Fly.

Take Five! Five voices, five chocolates, five senses, five tracks! An all-a-cappella record, heavily jazzed. Two Christmas songs, the Ghost soundtrack, a version of Nobody Knows that turns from spirituals into gospel to jazz; ending with 'Dreams are Wishes' from Walt Disney with... a surprise! Sponsor: CISALPINA Gestioni. Cover notes by Franco Cerri. Featuring by Nick The Night Fly, the DJ of 'Monte Carlo Nights'.

The ups and downs accompany us in life, in basketball, in business... but above all in singing: the voice is indeed the most difficult instrument, but also the most fascinating and immediately communicative. Listen to how these 'Alti & Bassi' manage to create a pleasant and balanced atmosphere, moving from spirituals to jazz standards, always in perfect tune, with excellent intonation and pleasant harmonic sequences. Love, skill, commitment and perseverance have led the 'ALTI e BASSI' quintet to truly admirable results, such as this CD, which I have the pleasure of recommending to you, so that it may contribute to a musically refined moment. Congratulations to the artists and good listening from Franco Cerri!

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Alti & Bassi, Nick The Night Fly


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