Blue Trails [score + detached part].

For Harmonica and Piano or for Harmonica and Strings

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Sentieri blu è una composizione di Paolo Coggiola per Armonica cromatica e Archi disponibile anche nella riduzione per Armonica cromatica e pianoforte.

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Detached parts are included.

The blue paths are those of water and air, and they are the closest to those of music, narrative music, not music in abstract form, or music enclosed in stone monasteries, be they even cold palaces of solid artistic institutions. Music that narrates, that moves, does not always, indeed rarely, like to follow the tracks marked in the solid matter made of earth and rock: it does not and must not need to, at the cost of having to get lost. But precisely because of this, it knows how to be light, clear and crystalline, but also mysterious and powerful like storms, and above all, like these, terribly necessary. And the flowers and blades of grass that line the earth's paths it certainly knows how to refresh and water them, to better show them to us and sing them to us.

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Paolo Coggiola


Chromatic Harmonica, Chromatic Harmonica and Strings, Chromatic Harmonica and Piano, Pianoforte


Paper score, PDF score



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