Franco Cusimano, Vincenzo Silvestris

A rainbow of sounds

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L'Arcobaleno dei suoni (The Rainbow of Sounds) is the title of the album that was born from the encounter between Apulian pianist Vincenzo Silvestris and Franco Cusimano's 'Vibrational Psychology'.

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L'Arcobaleno dei suoni (The Rainbow of Sounds) is the title of the album by the Gioia pianist Vincenzo Silvestris, who has been away from his Ithaca since 2004 and, by professional choice, has been perennially travelling or temporarily landing in Rome. This work stems from an encounter with Franco Cusimano's 'Vibrational Psychology'. We have created not a simple listening traceable to a state of mind already experienced, but emotions to be experienced in the present, creating a mental attitude capable of welcoming 'the sound of colours'. Vincenzo Silvestris The human being resembles a very complex, unique and highly tuned musical instrument, every atom, every molecule, every cell, every tissue and every organ of the body continuously emit frequencies of physical, emotional and mental life, establishing a relationship. Body, brain and emotions work in continuous attunement and synergy, both structural and chemical in relation to music. Listening as listening to oneself and body-mind-emotions connection, a sound pathway in which sounds in relation to colours activate mental processes, but above all a perceptive experience, through the different aspects of feeling. Listening as mind-body interaction. What we call Thought is archaic historical memory, a collective cellular field generated by memories divided into individual cells. The information contained in archaic historical memory conditions us so much that we organise our behaviour in a pre-determined way. All the things that have happened to us are recorded in the cells of our emotional body. The emotional body conditions the thought-body-energy, the postural body-energy and the behavioural body-energy. In historical memory, emotional energy stagnates, giving rise to emotional instability (emotionality). Emotional instability called emotionality creates unstable states of mind (emotional toxicity pathologies) in the thought-body, the postural body and the behavioural body. The TeaTroTherapy method, by acting on emotional dysfunctions, eliminates all forms of toxicity. Franco Cusimano

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Franco Cusimano, Vincenzo Silvestris


Strings, Piano





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