The Ship of Dreams

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On the occasion of their 20-year career, the ALTI & BASSI, a group that has made 'a cappella singing' a mission, release the sixth CD of their production, "THE SHIP OF DREAMS', 13 new tracks consecrated by the flattering reviews of RENZO ARBORE.

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On the occasion of their 20-year career, the ALTI & BASSIa group that has made 'a cappella' its mission, release the sixth CD of their production, 'A cappella'.THE SHIP OF DREAMS"13 new tracks, which have received praise from RENZO ARBORE.

The album is a journey from Bach to Jannacci and aligns new interpretations, in the quintet's historical jazz and swing tradition, with classical music repertoires, which together provide a comprehensive repertoire of our most widespread musical tradition.

Navigation starts from "THE SHIP OF DREAMS"the title single of the album, which came close to being presented at the Sanremo Festival2014 edition by Carlo Conti.

Irony and freshness are some of the qualities with which the group easily tackles any musical genre, including classical music, but contaminating it with modern genres.ARIA ON THE FOURTH STRING"(J.S. Bach) is in a rock version, the "TOCCATA IN A MAJOR"(P.D. Paradisi) has a dub-step rhythm, the "NOCTURNE IN E FLAT"(F. Chopin) is an elaborate swing, the popular and operatic "GO THINK"(G. Verdi) is enriched with jazz harmonies, and a virtuosic funky approach characterises the "FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE"(N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov).

The setlist then continues with a tribute to the great Charlie Chaplin, reprising "SMILE"his great composition for the film soundtrack ".Modern Times".

But the group's itinerary cannot fail to include the American continent, where the entire vocal tradition of gospel has indissolubly strengthened the link between voice and jazz, marking the history of the latter genre, explored here through two standards, "COME FLY WITH ME"(J. Van Heusen - S. Chan) and "CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO"(H. Warren - M. Gordon), and the Latin-jazz masterpiece "SAMBA DE UMA NOTA"(N. Mendonça - A.C. Jobim) that pushes the band to the Latin extremes of their overseas journey.

Finally, a highly prized excursion into the sea of Italian music: here is "BUT NOT LOVE"(M. Galdieri - G. D'Anzi), "I SING EVEN THOUGH I'M TONE DEAF"(L. Chiosso - L. Luttazzi) and, to close the entire tracklist of 13 tracks, a tribute version of "MAKING THE PILE"(W.G.N. Pinnetti, aka Walter Valdi - E. Jannacci).
"THE SHIP OF DREAMS"is packaged in a practical and elegant slip case that contains, together with the CD and its booklet, a precious 54-page booklet, edited by Andrea Thomas Gambetti, full of tasty anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories of their career, entitled - taking its cue from the enthusiastic comment of a female spectator - "BRAVO, COME BACK AGAIN, EVEN NOT ALL OF YOU!".

Adding even more gusto to the release of the new album and the celebrated 20th anniversary of its release, comes the recognition of RENZO ARBORE:
"Dear Alti e Bassi, after the many illustrious colleagues who have preceded me in presenting your previous albums, I gladly accede to your request for a dedication, as if to leave my mark as a protagonist of Italian swing that you attribute to me. I have listened with great attention and enjoyed the arrangements, harmonies and balances that recreate the sound of a large orchestra but only with 5 voices and, as in the most established tradition of 'a cappella singing', without any instruments. Bravo! This tradition has a long history and, thanks to works like yours, a future too. This prompts me to wish you all the best in achieving, even in the lowest moments of the cultural market, the highest public acclaim. Good work!"

This dedication is in addition to those on previous discs, signed by LUCIA MANNUCCI e VIRGIL SAVONA of Cetra, LELIO LUTTAZZI, FRANCO CERRI e PAUL COUNTY.

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