Maurizio Mecenero Quintet

Inside Dreams

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Inside Dreams, is the third recording by guitarist Maurizio Mecenero,

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Inside Dreams, Maurizio Mecenero's third album, represents from the very title the author's desire to create a record that is both the physical materialisation and the crowning of his own inner dream. It is an invitation to always follow one's own aspirations and to believe in oneself without compromise and without fear. In addition to the artists of the Quintet, the album boasts the collaboration of Federico Malaman (bass), Ricky Quagliato (drums), Davide Pezzin (bass), Davide Devito (drums), Gianluca Carollo (trumpet), Giovanni Forestan (sax). ________________ SONG FOR MILES - The album, as if it were a book, opens with a dedication by the artist to the great Miles Davis. A look at the past and at the man who changed and reinvented jazz music several times, laying the foundations of fusion music. TAKE AWAY - The track recalls the sounds of guitarists such as Mike Stern and Chuck Loeb, it is an easy listening piece and the title represents just that. Take Away is fast and dynamic street food. Melody and rhythm slightly funky blues that draw an aperitif moment in a big city. SILVER BLUES - Another dedication to a great jazz composer and pianist: Horace Silver. Modal blues played in shuffle, this piece takes its cue from Horace Silver's way of composing blues. A slightly unconventional but melodic piece. ENDLESS LOVE - A ballad with a Latin sound, thanks to the skilful interplay of bass and percussion. It tells of the birth and end of a great love, with all its inner journey of love, passion and pain. Played on guitar entirely with the fingers in the style of Mark Knopfler, the piece is characterised by the bass line that starts and ends in solitude. The bass plays a chord line in the style of Tony Levin. CRAZY DAY - Crazy Day! A crazy track with constant tempo and ambient changes. The melody in the verse is symmetrical and repetitive in a 7-quarter time with the following Wes-style octave cut in 6 quarters. Funky ʾ70s sounds with a central sax solo and a fading finale with collective improvisation. NOBODY'S LAND - This is the most characteristic track on the album, with sounds inspired by ʾ70s progressive rock. The title tells of a desolate country where you feel lost. The song was written after a great disappointment suffered by a friend. It explains the inner desert when you feel really lonely, misunderstood and disappointed. The melody is chromatic and hypnotic. COME UP - The title represents struggle, dynamism and joy. Come up for the author means to emerge, to rise up out of difficulties, to come out of problems to start again with new determination. The track begins with drums and guitar in solitude, the drums in a fast swing and the guitar in a free way that vaguely recalls the theme of the song, but rendered in a dissonant and somewhat acidic way, just like in life when you find yourself in a state of crisis, only to explode when you react. BORDERLINE - This is a tribute to Pat Metheny and the PMG. The title was inspired by the track's aside. The melody unfolds on the edge of two distant chromatic tones, as when walking between two different worlds. LITTLE INFINITY - This is a love piece dedicated to the author's girlfriend and inspired by the film Guilt of the Stars: "Gus, my love, I can't tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity."

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