The Fabulous Gershwin

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A tribute by Alti & Bassi to the great American composer. A collection of songs directly from George Gershwin's musicals.

The Fabulous Gershwin is Alti & Bassi's homage to the great American composer. A collection of songs directly from Gershwin's musicals. The last Luttazzi-Zapponi song gives the album its title: it is the score that the Quartetto Cetra performed in 1957 on RAI with Gorni Kramer's orchestra. A gift given to Alti e Bassi by Lucia Mannucci e Virgil Savona of Cetra Quarteta real icing on the cake. Sponsor: RIELLO. Cover notes by Lelio Luttazzi. Arrangements by Antonio Eros Negri and Alberto Schirò. Instrumental Trio: Danilo Lorenzini, piano, Antonio Papetti, cello, Enrico Gabrielli, clarinet. With the extraordinary participation of Roberta Frameglia, soprano.

Dear HIGH and LOW ,
I will spare you the praising part already punctually expressed by Lucia Mannucci and Virgilio Savona on the previous CD and which I subscribe to 'in toto'. I will limit myself to thanking you for having reawakened in me, after so many years of cerebral torpor with regard to music, that yearning 'libido' that overwhelmed me in 1936 when I first listened to Rhapsody and the thousands of masterpieces of that genius G. Gershwin. Your fervour in exhuming it in this second CD makes me feel tender. And if you, whose
I could be a grandfather, love like me music written over the years
twenty, it means that maybe I am not yet senile!
Keep up the good work and thanks from your grandfather Lelio.

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