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The singer at the microphone

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Sentieri selvaggi and Eugenio Finardi's tribute to Vladimir Vysotsky, a poet whose verses were not printed because they were censored by the Soviet authorities.

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Vladimir Vysotsky: officially a great actor, in truth an extraordinary poet, but whose verses are not printed because they are censored by the Soviet authorities. And so Vysotsky is forced to pick up his guitar and sing, sing, sing, to pass his words from ear to ear throughout the USSR. Thanks to fortunately recorded cassettes, the deep, inflamed and pained voice of "Volodja" Vysotsky became the voice of all those who opposed and dissented from the regime's conformism. Like De Andrè, he sang of the losers who do not give up, the indomitable defeated, the disillusioned idealists. Like a bluesman, his life was one of dissipation and despair: although ignored and boycotted, he became the most popular poet in his country, without a single verse of his being printed. The news of his death is hushed up by the official press, but the cry 'Volodja is dead!' echoes through the subways and streets of Moscow. Almost a million people attended his funeral, and to this day there are still flowers and thoughts on his grave. (From the CD booklet). Sentieri selvaggi, one of Italy's leading contemporary classical music ensembles directed by Carlo Boccadoro, invited Eugenio Finardi to join them for a project on the work of the great Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky, whose songs have been rethought and transcribed by Filippo Del Corno, one of the most successful composers of recent generations. Thus was born the project Il Cantante Al Microfono (The Singer on the Microphone), which debuted live with great success at the Teatro dell'Elfo in Milan on 21 May 2007, and was a guest at the Mantua Literature Festival in September of the same year. In December 2007 Finardi and Sentieri selvaggi went into the studio to record the album, produced by Velut Luna and distributed by Egea Distribution. The CD Il Cantante Al Microfono (The Singer on the Microphone) builds a bridge between songwriting and contemporary classical music, starting from the great Russian actor, poet and songwriter Vysotsky, who tragically died in 1980, and who understood and sang the true soul of his people and was therefore harshly opposed by the Soviet regime. His music accompanies with intriguing melodies, now with a Balkan flavour, now with oriental tones, now tracing ancient waltz times, the sharp and biting lyrics. From the corpus of his more than 500 songs, Eugenio Finardi and Filippo Del Corno have chosen a dozen titles that are highly representative of the ethical, spiritual and political tension and corrosive irony that animates Vysotsky's work. The songs, already translated into Italian by Sergio Secondiano Sacchi, have been orchestrated for the instrumental ensemble Sentieri selvaggi by Del Corno himself, in a version that highlights the very high poetic and musical quality of Vysotsky's verses and allows the full deployment of Eugenio Finardi's extraordinary interpretative power. For some time now, Finardi has been combining his activity as one of the leading figures in Italian rock music with an in-depth and rigorous vocal research, which will astonish those who do not know the path that led him from the fado, to his beloved blues, to contemporary classical music. The graphic design by Studio Convertino is extremely refined. A project that fits perfectly with the production line that Velut Luna has always proposed: originality in proposals of the highest artistic and technical quality. Texts translated by Sergio Secondiano Sacchi. Orchestration by Filippo Del Corno Eugenio Finardi voice Sentieri selvaggi: Paola Fre flute Mirco Ghirardini clarinet Paolo Pasqualin vibraphone Andrea Rebaudengo piano Piercarlo Sacco violin Paola Perardi cello Carlo Boccadoro conducting

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Eugenio Finardi, Sentieri selvaggi





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