Four Haiku [score + separate parts].

For children's choir and orchestra

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Four pieces for children's choir and children's orchestra dedicated to the cycle of the seasons.

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STACKED PARTS are included. ATTENTION: By purchasing the PDF format you can purchase a licence for strictly personal use according to the number of choristers (from a minimum of 12) with great savings compared to the cost of paper sheet music. Downloadable PDF immediately after purchase, no shipping costs. Discover quantity discounts by clicking on the question mark next to the price.

These four pieces for children's choir and orchestra are dedicated to the cycle of the seasons. Veronica Meteora's texts are in the form of Haiku: short poetic compositions, untitled, composed of seventeen syllables divided into three lines (5-7-5), which flourished in ancient Japan and are still widespread today. The vocal parts often make use of the technique of the canon, a form particularly suited to quickly facilitate the transition from monodic singing to the polyphonic experience. The instrumental parts recall and develop some themes already present in the Five Easy Compositions; the piano part can be performed with two pianos (or four hands) by two young players or used by the maestro to conduct from the keyboard instrument. It is also possible to purchase the individual pieces: - Rain of flowers (Spring);- Burning sun (Summer);- Cracked chestnuts (Autumn);- Snow on the roofs (Winter).

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Antonio Eros Negri


Children's Choir, Children's Orchestra, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello


Hulled chestnuts (Autumn), Snow on the roofs (Winter), Rain of flowers (Spring), Full harvest, Burning sun (Summer)


Paper score, PDF score



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