Antonio Eros Negri, Spring in Duo

Fantasy on Fandango

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Fantasia sul Fandango is a composition for basset horn, clarinet and guitar intended for two players.

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Fantasia sul Fandango is a composition of great difficulty in performance for basset horn, clarinet and guitar intended for two players. The large form is divided into three movements: Aria di Fandango, Berceuse and Fugue; the clarinetist's change of instrument, however, does not coincide with the structural articulation of the piece. This creates to the eye, even more than to the ear, the sensation of a formal scansion different from that determined by the three-part arrangement. Although upon listening, an evocative and intelligible language emerges, analysis reveals compositional characteristics that are unexpectedly close to seriality: the first movement is in fact hinged on eight of the twelve sounds of the chromatic scale, while the second movement is built on only the remaining four sounds. Another point in common with the distant world of the neo-avant-gardes of the end of the last century is the radical use of the extreme limits of the texture of the instruments. From the point of view of sonority, there emerges a research clearly marked both by the interpenetration of timbre between basset horn (or clarinet) and guitar, and by the copiousness of instrumental gestures typically characteristic of individual instruments. These instrumental gestures in the course of the piece are, however, assumed by the other instrumentalist in a sort of exchange of roles.

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Guitar, Clarinet, Basset Horn


Antonio Eros Negri, Spring in Duo



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