Rodolfo SaracoSergei Rachmaninov

Two pieces

Adaptation for piano four hands

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Due Pezzi di Sergej Rachmaninov, was born from the desire and will of composer Rodolfo Saraco to make two pieces by Rachmaninov, originally written for six-handed piano, more usable and expendable.

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My work on Two Pieces by Sergei RachmaninovThis work was born out of the desire to make two pieces, originally written for six-handed piano - a more unique than rare formation - more usable and spendable, which would otherwise see the light of day on few occasions. Having created an adaptation for four-handed piano, a very common formation, sacrificing as little as possible to the original three piano lines, has made the writing denser and more enjoyable for a piano duo that can also benefit from more space on the piano keyboard during performance.
My hope is that these pages, of the high artistic value to which Rachmaninov has always accustomed us, will be appreciated and interpreted much more than they are now.
Rodolfo Saraco

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Rodolfo Saraco, Sergei Rachmaninov


Piano, 4-hand piano


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