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DiMo's first album! 12 fun, original, sparkling songs.

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DiMo's first album! 12 fun, original, sparkling songs. A real novelty. In addition to the single 'Superhero without credibility' we find 'I'd like to meet Cecchetto', launched by Dj Angelo and Dj Albertino on 'Sciambola' on Radio Deejay. The album opens with 'E' scandaloso', a strong denunciation of the evils of Italian politics, so far removed from the needs of young people. It features responses from Prodi and Berlusconi, directly to DiMo, who is accused of telling falsehoods. The summery 'I dream of you' is melodic and catchy, but the phone call received by DiMo throws us into everyday reality. 'Arturo' is the story of a popular chef in Palinuro. Like many people, however, he is as adept at working for others as he is clumsy with himself: in the evening at home he warms up a sofficino and sauces a tomato! Did you wonder whose beautiful song was in the advertising campaign for a well-known intestinal anti-microbial, in which a boy with a guitar sings 'Io ci sarà' to the whole town? Here's the answer to track 9: 'Io ci sarà' is DiMo's!The album closes with 'Merda d'autore', a song that is madness (listen to believe, it's no coincidence that it was played on Sciambola on Radio Deejay) and with a Gospel-style thank-you.If you are among those who think that today's music is cookie-cutter and exclusively commercial, you will find in this album a breath of fresh air that deserves to be supported... by buying the CD!

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