Anti lullaby

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Anti Lullaby is a very funny song by Mezzo Sotto for 5-part vocal group or mixed voice choir.

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For several years after 1995, the year of the success of Neri per Caso at the Sanremo Festival, Italian a cappella music lived on the foreign reflex of groups such as Take6, Swingle Singers, King Singers, Rockapella and The Real Group. In recent years, a number of Italian vocal groups, partly out of maturity, partly by choice, have realised the importance of breaking away from the professionals from beyond the Alps, offering their own elaborations or original songs. Among them was the vocal quintet of 'Mezzo Sotto' from Celle Ligure, who proposed two original songs on their first album 'Half Below': 'Anti lullaby' and 'Winter'. The approval of the public, always willing to listen to novelties, induced Fabio Alessi to write and record, in the album "Incanto", the song "Mezzo Blues" and to propose, as an elaborator, a really valuable harmonisation of "Crystal Spring", a popular song of Anglo-Saxon origin. The piece published here, Anti lullaby, is a nice song dedicated to all children who... do not want to sleep. The right emphasis is recommended for the melodic lines, in order: soprano 1, soprano 2, alto, tenor. Rhythmic precision is also very important. In the last stanza, the four melodic lines are superimposed: in groups of 4 bars, highlight the following lines in this order: soprano 1, soprano 2, tenor, alto.

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Fabio Alessi, Mezzo Sotto


A cappella, Mixed Voice Choir


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