Festa della Mamma 2022

03 05 2022 | Promotions

Looking for an original idea for the Mum?
Give the SOS TATA DVDthe TV programme that helps you with your child-rearing.
Until Sunday 8 May get a discount of 50% on the box set with the 5 DVDs of SOS TATA!
Enter the code mother's day22
Immediate shipping by courier.

The 5 DVDs are the fifth series of the historic programme, in one fantastic boxed set Get it now.

Mother's Day?

An original gift! You can also give the box as a gift to whoever you want, by sending it with a gift pack and a personalised message, at no extra cost.
Watch the video-> https://youtu.be/10nrS2f_-mM

  • DVD 1 - VITRANI FAMILY - Nanny Lucia and PIETRANTONI FAMILY - Nanny Adriana
  • DVD 2 - ALTAI FAMILY - Nanny Lucia and POPULAR FAMILY - Nanny Francesca
  • DVD 3 - RIGHT FAMILY - Nanny Lucia and RAZZAUTI FAMILY - Nanny Adriana
  • DVD 4 - FAMILY BELLO - Nanny Lucia and FAMILY FABIANI - Nanny Adriana
  • DVD 5 - TRINCHESE FAMILY - Nanny Lucia and NAPOLEONI FAMILY - Nanny Francesca
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