Alessandro Fanali, multi-instrumentalist, singer and music producer, was born in Gallarate (VA) in 1980. He cultivated his passion for music as a child, also helped by his father who introduced him to some of the giants of music from the past.
His passion for The Beatles in particular brought him closer to the world of music and led him to study piano and drums.
The desire to write music became predominant until it resulted in the first project, The No One (1997), a punk rock band that immediately caught the attention of insiders, leading the young band to an intense live activity in Italy and Europe. Among The No One's achievements, an important one is their participation in the Deconstruction Tour 2001 at the Palavobis in Milan, along with artists such as Pennywise, Sick of It All, Snuff, Beatsteaks, and theIndependent Festival 2004 at the Arena Parco Nord in Bologna, with great bands such as The Drakness, Velvet Revolver, Yellowcard.
In 2005, after the break-up of The No One, Fanali became the voice of a new, more experimental project, the Hey Hey Radio!a mix of electronic, dance and rock music, then called Dance & Roll. Also with this group came great results, especially after signing with Live Nation. We remember their participation in MTV Trl and various tours in Italy and Europe as backing band for Negrita, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Mika, the Italian leg of the Vans Tour, as well as numerous television and radio appearances and interviews in major Italian and European magazines.
After the experience with Hey Hey Radio! came to an end, in 2010 a new musical collaboration with the rock band The French Leaveup to the present day with the project Modulaar.
Hence the continuous desire to experiment with various musical genres led to the creation of Helo.
Alessandro Fanali HELO
We Are All Astronauts

We Are All Astronauts

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